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Women and children may go

I’ve spent the last two years immersed, for a large part, in the world of babies and the world of parenting. A world where concerns are shared, and deeply felt, by parents looking to do everything in their power right by their children. Wanting to look after them, to nourish them, to keep them healthy,…

It’s a girl thing

Imagine if, when we were expecting a child, that the main question people would ask was… say… are you hoping for a blonde or a brunette? Are you going to find out the hair colour in advance, they would ask, or are you going wait for it to be a surprise?! If, for some reason,…

So says

Yer man said something interesting the other day. You know the chap, the pope, they call him, isn’t it. Innit, I’m getting all London n all. Well, that fella said that people are not having enough children these days for his liking. He said this is a great shame. He said this is a sign…

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